The effectiveness of aircraft part distribution plays an important role in aviation programs. From aircraft parts suppliers to government procurement, there is little room for error when transporting essential parts and equipment. Procurement and distribution of aircraft parts can present many challenges when improperly managed.

With supply chain disruptions taking a toll on aviation programs, executing best practices for procurement and distribution is more crucial than ever. Improper packaging and shipping methods can lead to costly mistakes. Sourcing parts through unreliable sources leaves your program at risk of compliance issues. To ensure smooth procurement and distribution of aircraft parts, use a trusted aerospace parts supplier in Greenwood Aerospace.

For over forty years, Greenwood Aerospace has worked with government agencies and private defense contractors to procure, supplier, and distribute essential aircraft parts. We help our customers mitigate the challenges that come with sourcing and distributing essential parts. 

In this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know about effective part procurement and distribution.

Aircraft Parts Suppliers and Supply Chains

Supply chains play a significant role in part procurement and distribution. It’s essential that aircraft parts suppliers understand how supply chains operate and the regulations they enforce in order to work with them. Failure to do so can result in complex issues and further logistical problems. Understanding supply chain processes will help you to comprehend and comply with relevant regulations and procedures for each supply chain.

In this section, we’ll cover how the following U.S. supply chains work:

  1. The government supply chain
  2. The military supply chain
  3. The defense supply chain

Each supply chain has a unique set of characteristics, requirements, and regulations that businesses must meet in order to navigate successfully. While the government supply chain is the largest of the three, its stock is more general to wider government operations such as office management. The defense supply chain, in comparison, is more specific to the needs of U.S. defense programs. 

Determining the roles of each supply chain helps to understand the position of aircraft parts suppliers and aerospace companies in part procurement. Let’s look at the government supply chain first.

Government Supply Chain

The government procures a diverse range of goods and services through a complex system. This highly regulated supply chain supports federal, state, and local government agencies by supplying essential goods and services for operations and missions. 

For aircraft parts suppliers that want to grow, becoming a government aerospace supplier or contractor is an effective way to expand. The government supply chain demands a variety of aerospace parts and services to assist in government aviation efforts. 

However, aerospace companies must comply with strict regulations and quality standards to ensure the safety and effectiveness of their products and services. It is a competitive supply chain to work within as companies are bidding against government contractors, suppliers, and emerging sellers  in the market. 

The government supply chain provides a range of services to government agencies through aerospace industry suppliers. These products and services include:

The government supply chain oversees the military and defense supply chains. In order to understand  the unique roles and responsibilities of the subset supply chains, it helps to know the government supply chain’s position and reach.

A gray jet with USAF insignia sits prepared for takeoff from a military airstrip.
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Military Supply Chain

As a subset of the government supply chain, the military supply chain focuses on providing necessary goods and services to branches of the U.S. military. From aircraft parts and ammunition to clothing and food, the military supply chain covers essentials for global military operations.

Aircraft parts suppliers and aerospace companies support this supply chain by providing the technologies and equipment needed to execute missions. Some of the responsibilities of aerospace companies for the military supply chain include:

  • Designing aerospace equipment
  • Manufacturing aerospace parts and equipment
  • Maintaining aerospace equipment
  • Delivering aircraft training services

The five military branches all utilize the military supply chain to ensure operations run as effectively as possible. These services rely on the critical role aerospace companies play in delivering regulation-approved parts and services. Without them, military programs could not  operate as effectively as they do.

Defense Supply Chain

The defense supply chain focuses on the production and delivery of defense products and services. The Defense Logistics Agency’s supply chain works as a subset of the military and government supply chains. Aerospace companies supply critical components for carrying out defense operations. 

Within the defense supply chain, products and services range from excess property disposal to military uniforms. When it comes to aviation programs, the defense supply chain’s most important products include:

  • Aviation equipment
  • Consumable hardware
  • Fuel
  • Maps
  • Strategic materials

The defense supply chain’s range of goods and services reach CONUS, OCONUS, and international U.S. defense operations and missions. Additionally, the defense supply chain works with aerospace companies to provide necessary defense contracts. 

Military defense contracting is highly regulated and often requires specialized knowledge and expertise. Contracts are an important part of defense and military operations as they keep missions moving with the necessary equipment. As a qualified defense contractor, Greenwood Aerospace offers incentivized contracts and provides compliance security to all procurement transactions.

Procurement Through Aircraft Parts Suppliers

Becoming a trusted supplier of aircraft parts and services requires in-depth industry knowledge. The government supply chains rely on procurement from aerospace companies in every corner of the United States. Whether you’re in Jacksonville, Florida, or Tacoma, Washington, aviation part procurement is essential to government agencies and their missions.

The main types of procurement we’ll focus on include:

  • Government procurement
  • Military procurement
  • Aircraft parts and accessory procurement

Aircraft parts suppliers may have niche skills that greatly benefit government agencies. Dealing exclusively in proprietary or aftermarket parts for resale, for example, takes a high level of industry knowledge that adheres to necessary regulations. Contributing to aircraft sustainment by providing specific procurement services is one of the practical services Greenwood Aerospace provides to stay on top of supply chain logistics.

Government Procurement

With the United States being the world leader in aerospace exports, it’s no surprise that the federal government’s supply chain has one of the highest budgets in the world. When it comes to procuring aircraft parts, delivering effective procurement and distribution services makes businesses assets in government procurement. The procurement of high-quality and regulation-approved aerospace and aircraft parts keeps aviation programs on track and running efficiently. 

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Greenwood Aerospace has four decades of experience in government procurement. We’ve done business with military branches including:

  1. Air Force
  2. Navy
  3. Army 

Our range of services covers extensive acquisition and inspection processes that meet the complex standards required in government procurement. Through our business with the Department of Defense, the U.S. military, and more, we’ve positioned ourselves as aerospace industry leaders in government procurement. 

Our team of experts provides comprehensive services in aviation logistics, ground support, and supply chain logistics. Our storage and distribution services cover everything from custom kits to MIL-SPEC packaging. We are a team of experts determined to assist our customers–whether they’re government agencies or private defense contractors–with every aspect of their aviation program. Using our in-depth industry knowledge and expansive network, we provide high-quality parts and services that meet rigorous government procurement standards.

Greenwood Aerospace also provides opportunities for aircraft parts suppliers to become a vendor with us. Gain access to our extensive network of suppliers and thousands of OEM, proprietary, and aftermarket parts that can expand your operations.

Military Procurement

Military parts procurement supplies the five military branches with essential equipment. A recent $259.3 billion budget request from the Air Force aims to increase aerospace spending to support space programs and modernization of aircraft resources. 

What does this mean for aircraft parts suppliers and aerospace companies? It means there are opportunities for aerospace companies to provide sought-after military products and services. 

Getting involved with military procurement requires extensive knowledge of defense part standards and compliance. Businesses must be ITAR-registered to be military aircraft parts suppliers. ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) regulations oversee the import and export of commodities including defense services and technology. 

Being an ITAR-registered business allows the U.S. government to track shipments and activities by companies that are involved in the sale and distribution of defense-related products and services.

Greenwood Aerospace is an ITAR-registered military aircraft parts supplier. We are also registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) which allows us to be identified by contracting officers as eligible to receive HUBZone contracts. 

We meet contract needs through all available channels, including: 

  1. The Defense Logistics Agency
  2. MIL-SPEC packaging
  3. The government supply network

We are committed to being a reliable and trustworthy resource for aerospace part procurement and distribution. We specialize in attaining the right high-quality parts for essential military operations quickly. From fixed-wing aircraft parts down to essential parts for your aircraft sustainment, Greenwood Aerospace takes every aspect  of your program’s logistics needs seriously.

We maintain a reliable supply network and work with industry leaders that support every branch of the U.S. Military. Our history of providing military procurement services makes us trusted suppliers in the pursuit of maintaining national security.

Aircraft Parts and Accessories

For aircraft parts suppliers, procuring aircraft parts and accessories successfully requires a strong network within the aerospace industry. Partnerships are the foundation of finding trusted suppliers and leveraging customers’ buying power. 

Aircraft accessories is a broad term that covers a variety of components. The parts of an aircraft that are not considered accessories fall into four categories: 

  1. airframe 
  2. powerplant 
  3. propeller
  4. radio system 

The airframe covers four main elements; the wings, fuselage, tail assembly, and landing gear, while the powerplant is the aviation term for engine; the propeller and radio system are self-explanatory.

Accessories refer to parts that are mechanical or electrical outside of the four main categories. An accessory can be anything from a fuel pump or starter to a gas cap or lightbulb. Keeping track of aircraft accessories within itself is an extensive effort that requires precise inventory logistics management.

Greenwood Aerospace is an established stock supplier of aircraft parts and accessories. From our 42,000 sq ft warehouse, we can quickly locate and ship necessary aircraft accessories and parts. Our wide range of aftermarket and proprietary stock assists military operations and missions through our swift distribution services. 

Working as an extension of our military clients, we provide the most reliable military aircraft parts and accessories on the market. Our position within the aerospace industry allows us to offer large onsite aircraft parts and accessories for fast dispatch. Additionally, we offer rapid procurement of any off-site equipment through our extensive network.

Distribution Through Aircraft Parts Suppliers

For aircraft parts suppliers and aerospace companies alike, distribution is an attractive service for many customers. Mitigating transportation issues that arise within aircraft part procurement is key to being a reputable aircraft parts supplier. It is essential that government and defense operations receive their necessary parts in timely, organized shipments, and  in perfect condition.

The size of an aircraft parts supplier’s operation can affect the availability of services. Small operations may face limitations due to their small reach within the industry. Greenwood Aerospace is a reputable leader when it comes to aerospace part distribution. We offer fast and reliable shipping that meets government and military standards.

In this section, we’ll cover the parts distribution services Greenwood Aerospace offers for government and defense agencies, and how you can become a vendor with us. From kitting to storage solutions, we’ve got your operation covered with the guidance of industry experts.


Kitting services are crucial in effective inventory management for aviation programs. When distributing parts, it’s essential that equipment is packaged and sorted to a high-quality standard. Receive advanced expertise on the kitting parts and equipment you need  in order to run your operation smoothly. Working with aerospace companies who have a thorough understanding of aviation program regulations makes a difference when employing kitting services. 

Kitting services provide customers with insight into the best methods of maintenance and logistical support for their aircraft and aviation program. Effective kitting services educate customers on how to manage inventory, service their aircraft, and build reputable partnerships with aerospace companies.

The key benefits of providing effective kitting services include:

  • Reduced margin of error when distributing orders
  • Lower shipping costs
  • Faster shipping times

Greenwood Aerospace’s team of specialists ensures all kits are precise and functional to contractor specifications. There’s no room for error when distributing aerospace part kits. We understand the complexities that come with government and defense contracts, and our customizable kitting services simplify the procurement process for your flight program. 

Four blue and yellow jets with U.S. Navy markings fly in formation, as seen from the side against a cloudy sky backdrop.
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Surplus Inventory

Managing inventory can be a logistical challenge for aviation programs. Understanding the ebb and flow of supply chain shortages and surpluses can be overwhelming for aircraft parts suppliers. It’s important to be able to prepare for and address supply chain challenges to ensure operational readiness for aviation programs.

Greenwood Aerospace has plenty of experience working with supply chain challenges and surplus inventory. Many external factors can influence supply chains including cyber, legal, economic, and geopolitical changes. We mitigate the stress of customer demand and supply chain pressures through our proprietary program, Greenwood Parts Intelligence (GPIQ), allowing us to source parts fast with high accuracy.

We work to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to supply chain challenges. By purchasing and maintaining surplus inventory during contracts, we’ve developed our extensive stock of aircraft parts to offer more cost-effective solutions for your contract needs. Our centralized warehouse location in Ponca City, Oklahoma, offers fast distribution coast to coast. 

Knowing how to manage surplus inventory enables us to access the supply chain to your advantage. We keep stock of essential aircraft parts and accessories our customers depend on to keep your operations flying high..


Offering storage solutions is another key service that helps aviation programs in critical operational preparedness. Equipment and parts can be kept off site until needed by aviation programs, relieving stress around limited on-site space issues.

Greenwood Aerospace’s warehouse in Oklahoma offers customers the flexibility of distributing parts and equipment per your contractual terms. We take the stress out of part procurement and distribution by having a reliable team that can quickly locate and ship items exactly when needed. Work with us to find the exact parts you need and have them arrive in time with your program’s schedule.

Make Greenwood Aerospace Your Expert Aircraft Parts Supplier 

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