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Greenwood Aerospace is on the cutting edge of parts procurement and has invested heavily in ourselves. Our proprietary program, Greenwood Parts Intelligence (GPIQ), is a revolutionary program that allows us to source parts faster with much higher accuracy than anyone else in the business.

Greenwood’s GPIQ Provides Part Procurement Intelligence

It used to be difficult and time-consuming to procure parts, not to mention complicated and demanding. But over the past few years, the world has experienced unheard-of difficulties that have shaken the security of global supply chains and cast doubt on the near future. We live in uncertain times, and our supply chains are heavily stressed. You need an experienced partner in the aviation supply chain & logistics space to keep your organization on an even keel. 

Greenwood Aerospace is that trusted partner, and we have invested heavily in our process with the advent of our Greenwood Procurement Intelligence (GPIQ). Our GPIQ software focuses on market intelligence and value enhancement linked to such aircraft and was created with prime contractors that support special mission aircraft in mind. We know that maintaining the aircraft in the air is essential to any government program's success. You get what you want, and we make it happen by adjusting GPIQ to fit your changing demands. GPIQ ensures that suppliers have undertaken stringent onboarding and qualification tests, providing important information about their prior performance. After that, it simplifies and improves labor-intensive activities to make the supply chain process effective, quick, and almost error-free. Predictive analytics is used to forecast future demand to manage supplier risk. More accurate forecasts result in a more efficient supply chain with fewer costs for all parties. The power of GPIQ is that it will act as a strategic partner to ensure that your procurement expenses are long-term managed and that you always get what you need at the best price.

Greenwood Aerospace is your leader in government procurement, aircraft and parts storage, distribution, and military and defense contracting. Learn more about our services for the defense and military industries. For additional information, you can also get in touch with us here or by emailing

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What Sets Us Apart

Greenwood Aerospace team members combine for over 100 years of experience in government procurement, serving the largest contractors and government agencies in the United States. Located in Ponca City, OK, we use our centralized location to streamline aerospace craft and parts acquisition and distribution.

We feature a fully-certified team on site to fulfill all of your immediate and long-term aerospace demands. As a Small Business SBA-Certified Hubzone and Native American-Owned Business, we offer the Indian Incentive Program (IIP) to all our federal contractors, providing more cost-effective solutions to our clients. Let Greenwood Aerospace be your trusted partner in all your aerospace needs.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Greenwood Aerospace is committed to consistently achieving customer satisfaction with product quality, on-time delivery and unparalleled customer service.

Greenwood Aerospace is AS9120B certified, allowing us to be your trusted supply chain partner. Working closely with our customers, we monitor and implement new industry requirements and ensure the integrity of the products and services delivered to our customers.   

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Greenwood Aerospace is a leader in government procurement, offering a wide range of services to Government programs & procurement, aviation support and facility support. Check our news page for all the latest on Greenwood Aerospace & Government Procurement.
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