Aerospace companies provide important equipment and services that are essential to government operations, especially government procurement of aircraft. In order to access these aircraft, products, and services, the government must follow strict regulations and processes to ensure and protect both national security and public interest.

Greenwood Aerospace is a trusted aerospace supplier for government, military, and defense operations. We supply high-quality aircraft parts and services to support aviation programs in mission-readiness and standards compliance. In this article, we’ll explore:

  • What government procurement is
  • What the future of government procurement will look like
  • What role aerospace companies play in government procurement

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What Is Government Aircraft Procurement?

Government aircraft procurement is the process in which the United States government purchases aircraft parts and services from commercial businesses. As government agencies use taxpayer money, there are a number of complex regulations on how to properly procure aircraft parts and services. This is to ensure that taxpayer money is used responsibly. 

Agencies such as the Department of Defense must draw up legal contracts with suppliers in order to purchase items that can contribute to the government supply chain. Businesses with aircraft products and services bid to receive work contracts with the government. They must also prove their legitimacy in order to earn and keep these contracts. In this section, we take a closer look at government procurement, including: 

  1. The history of government procurement
  2. Types of equipment the government procures
  3. Services the government procures

Let’s look at the history of government procurement and the way it has shaped current government aircraft procurement.

The History of Government Procurement

Government procurement has a longstanding history in the United States. The government’s right to contract services and source essential goods for purchase dates all the way back to the Constitution.
Over the years, Congress has defined, passed, and updated legislation that releases necessary taxpayer funds to make procurement possible.

Today’s government procurement system is based on two laws – the Armed Services Procurement Act of 1947 and the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949. In 1979, the Office of Federal Procurement Policy Act Amendment was passed. This act called for a more simplified and direct path for government purchasing. 

As a result, the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) guidebook was developed and the Competition in Contracting Act (CICA) of 1984 was implemented. The CICA launched the official competitive government contract bidding process that is still in use today.

As aircraft parts and aerospace technologies have evolved, budgets surrounding government procurement have grown. Global military spending has seen a significant increase over the last 20 years as operations have grown in complexity with each new advancement in defense equipment and program needs.

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What Types of Equipment Does the Government Procure?

The United State government procures a wide range of equipment and products that serve its many agencies. From office supplies to military aircraft, there’s no shortage of essential items that the government needs to procure in order to operate effectively. 

The Department of Defense accounts for 18% of federal spending for the 2023 financial year so far. Item procurement can be categorized differently for each branch of the government and military, including airlift aircraft, vehicular equipment, and ammunition. Some examples of items procured for the five branches of the military include:

The U.S. is home to the largest arms-producing and military service companies worldwide. The top five companies made a combined total of over $250 billion in sales throughout 2021. Reliable government procurement may be more essential now more than ever. 

Greenwood Aerospace offers government procurement services that equip federal aviation programs with essential resources in aircraft parts and ground support. Our expert team works with government agencies to execute rapid part procurement and keep programs on track.

What Services Does the Government Procure?

The federal government works with businesses to access a variety of fundamental services. Whether it’s construction work or telecommunications, the government procures the services across many industries to keep operations running smoothly. 

When it comes to aircraft services specifically, the government works with aerospace companies that provide services in logistics, storage, and distribution. Aerospace companies must maintain effective government contract lifecycle management in order to stay compliant with government regulations for procuring products and services. Services procured by the government aim to mitigate issues that can impact operational readiness, such as air refueling and aircraft maintenance. 

Greenwood Aerospace offers key services that keep government aviation programs operational. We specialize in effective part distribution, storage, military packaging, and logistics services. We pride ourselves on working with government agencies to assist in national security efforts.

The Future of Government Aircraft Procurement

With the continued advancement of technology, the future of government aircraft procurement is changing. Adopting new methods for sourcing and distributing aircraft parts is just one of many ways that procurement is developing. In this section we'll look at:

  1. Modern procurement
  2. Part procurement intelligence
  3. Use of AI in part of procurement

Procurement continues to adapt to new technology and demand changes, which is why we offer ways to partner with fellow aerospace industry businesses. Our team at Greenwood Aerospace helps small businesses expand their operations by becoming a vendor with us. Gain access to our extensive network of suppliers and stay ahead of the curve with procurement regulations by working with an industry leader. 

Let’s look at how modern procurement operates.

Modern Procurement

Modern government procurement relies on a bidding process through the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). It is a long and complicated process in order to be approved for a bid through the GSA. Many businesses start off small, bidding on contracts that are within their reach in order to build a rapport and good reputation with government agencies. It is not uncommon to work up to bigger contracts over time given how competitive government procurement bidding is.

Modern procurement is critical in keeping essential parts available to government aviation programs. Greenwood Aerospace is a trusted supplier for government procurement. We have four decades of experience in the quick delivery of high-quality parts to military and defense operations. We are a key supplier in aerospace procurement bids, helping critical missions receive essential equipment fast. 

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Part Procurement Intelligence

Understanding part procurement intelligence is another way we help government agencies overcome obstacles in aircraft part distribution. We have heavily invested in our internal processes to make part procurement as efficient as possible. 

Our GPIQ Part Procurement Intelligence software focuses on market intelligence and value enhancement. GPIQ ensures that suppliers have taken rigorous onboarding and qualifications tests and provided important information about their prior performance.

GPIQ simplifies and improves labor-intensive activities that make the supply chain process more effective and fast. We use predictive analytics to forecast future demands and manage supplier risk. More accurate forecasts result in a more efficient supply chain with fewer costs for all involved. We see GPIQ as a strategic partner in procurement that serves in providing long-term management and cost-effective solutions.

Using AI

Artificial Intelligence allows organizations to solve complex problems more efficiently through algorithms and predictive analysis. By embedding AI into software applications, procurement can be streamlined by AI’s ability to solve complex tasks more effectively than manual human effort. 

In a case study released by the World Economic Forum in 2020, questions were raised about actionable procurement guidelines for AI software. The case study discussed the benefits of utilizing AI capabilities for procurement including: 

  • Consolidating large amounts of data
  • Analyzing procurement information
  • Identifying procurement patterns

When it comes to AI’s role in procurement’s future, consider it a software tool for automation and collecting large complex data sets. In practice, the use of AI technology in procurement has been successful in delivering data-driven insights and automating manual, time-consuming tasks.

AI presents procurement with new opportunities to improve operations. Sifting through vast amounts of data can uncover savings and revenue opportunities that are susceptible to human error.

Use of AI can free up key procurement resources which can be used to develop further services, such as supplier relationship management opportunities. Utilizing AI in procurement is an effective way to ensure data-focused work is accurate and operating effectively, allowing procurement services to expand their capacities and develop additional services for their customers.

What Role Do Aerospace Companies Play in Government Procurement of Aircraft ?

Greenwood Aerospace provides services that are essential to government aircraft procurement. Our long-established partnerships with suppliers allow us to procure, store, and distribute essential parts to government aviation programs with ease. Our logistics and contract services also support government agencies in running effective operations and enabling mission preparedness. 

In this section, we’ll focus on Greenwood Aerospace’s services in:

  1. Part and accessory procurement
  2. Logistics
  3. Contracts

Let’s look at the services Greenwood Aerospace offers for aircraft parts and accessory procurement.

Parts and Accessories

As a qualified parts distributor and supplier, Greenwood Aerospace offers a variety of procurement services to help government agencies acquire the exact aircraft parts they need. We understand the unique demands of aerospace and defense contracting, which is why we stock a wide range of aircraft parts and accessories to meet every demand. 

We’ve built an extensive inventory of aircraft parts and accessories, including modernized and aftermarket equipment. Our procurement team leverages our purchase history for government agencies, private defense contractors, and the U.S. military in order to attain the best price for each aircraft part. We offer custom kitting services designed to suit your program's exact needs. Let us help you get the parts you need and ensure they meet all necessary requirements.

Our services in aircraft sustainment support aviation programs in aircraft maintenance. From the Beechcraft C-12 to a C-130 Hercules, we offer extensive services in sustainment through logistics and support. We streamline fixed-wing acquisition processes and offer fixed-wing aircraft support through our centralized management and compliance parameters. 

As an ITAR-registered military aircraft parts supplier, we proudly serve the U.S. military with high-quality military-grade aircraft parts. Our onsite stock is managed effectively by our expert team to serve the U.S. military with fast aircraft part distribution to keep missions on track. Through our valued partnerships, we work with our trusted government supply network to quickly locate and distribute offsite parts. 

What Greenwood Offers:


When it comes to modern logistics in aviation, we are a trusted authority in the aerospace industry. Our management team is familiar with all forms of aviation logistics to ensure flight programs operate at peak efficiency. We help aviation programs ensure readiness through contractor logistics and compliance with the government supply chain

Greenwood Aerospace is a key provider of aerospace supply chain solutions. We address supply chain challenges to help our clients lower their risk exposure to supply chain issues and mitigate supply chain stresses by forecasting future demands. Our key competencies cover:

  • Air shipments
  • Ground shipments
  • Hazardous material shipments
  • TAR/EAR shipments
  • Parts kitting services
  • Warehouse management

Our logistics services also cover ground support equipment leasing and procurement. We ensure all ground support equipment meets your program’s needs and budget. From long-term leasing contracts to single-purchase kits, we deliver the same reliable services to help you build your program from the ground up.

What Greenwood Offers:

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Our contract services allow government agencies to use their Operations & Maintenance funds for aircraft leasing. We offer aircraft leasing options to support federal agencies in equipping their missions with high-quality, serviced aircrafts that are reliable and budget-friendly. Our aircraft lease programs have successfully supported:

  1. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  2. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
  3. The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
  4. The National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA)
  5. The Air National Guard (ANG)

Our extensive industry knowledge allows us to support foreign military sales and continue the United State’s strong relationship in supplying our allies with essential aircraft.

As a trusted Small Business SBA-Certified Hubzone and Native American-Owned Business, we have developed a strong reputation for providing crucial support in government contracting and procurement. We additionally offer military and defense contracting services that support agencies within the Department of Defense in being mission ready. Our services extend to private defense contractors, ensuring client anonymity for contractual purposes.

What Greenwood Offers:

Work With Greenwood Aerospace for Effective Government Aircraft Procurement

With over forty years of industry experience behind us, Greenwood Aerospace has expert knowledge in government aircraft procurement. Learn more about our services or contact us today to discuss how to become a vendor with us. Contact us today at to learn more about what Greenwood Aerospace can do for you. 

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