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Beechcraft C-12 Huron

Hundreds of Beechcraft C-12 Hurons have been produced for service with the U.S. military. The Huron has been in continuous service with the Army for more than fifty years, and will likely remain in service for many more. Greenwood Aerospace ensures top-notch aircraft sustainment for your C-12 Huron aircraft.

Procure Beechcraft C-12 Spare Parts from Greenwood Aerospace

The C-12 Huron is the most prolific aircraft in the U.S. Army’s fixed-wing fleet. With over 200 units in the fleet, the C-12 fleet in the Army is larger than most Air Forces globally. An aircraft fleet as large as the C-12s requires a lot of resources to maintain the expected airworthiness and mission capability rates for the fleet

While the C-12 has proven to be rugged and extraordinarily reliable, it is still a machine that will break. The C-12 has been in continuous service for almost 50 years now, entering service in 1974, and it will soldier on for years to come. But a supply of spare parts is vital for the reliable future of the Huron. Greenwood Aerospace is your #1 source of OEM parts for your C-12 Huron operation. 

Expansive Inventory of Proprietary and Aftermarket Parts for the C-12 Huron

Every single C-12 is made up of tens of thousands of individual parts, and the sum of the parts is the most popular turboprop aircraft of all time. 

As we said, the Huron is going on five decades of continuous service. The downside of that is that the aircraft is getting older. But the upside is that the supply chain for C-12 parts is one of the most robust in aviation because

  • The King Air itself is so common.
  • The PT6A engine is the most common turboprop engine in the world. 

But even though the King Air/C-12 is common, sourcing the highest quality parts takes work. If it were easy, everyone would do it.  

We have a large selection of parts on hand and the connections that make sourcing whatever you need possible. 

Extensive Network of Aircraft Parts Suppliers

Much of the process of procuring Hawker Beechcraft C-12 spare parts is about something other than what you have in stock at any given moment but what you can procure from outside sources.

At Greenwood Aerospace, aircraft parts procurement, particularly for the C-12 Huron, is one of our specialties. 

A C-12 Huron taxis as a CH-47 flies by.

We have spent years setting up reliable procurement channels with other vendors so that you can stick with what you do best: making your C-12 Huron fleet operate at peak efficiency. 

Greenwood Aerospace has worked for the last four decades to set up a strong network of vendors so that you don’t have to. This is a complicated process; hundreds, maybe even thousands of vendors provide niche parts for the U.S. Army C-12 Huron.

Our mission is to pick only the best and source parts from them. These are aftermarket and proprietary parts.

Timely Delivery While Meeting Your Exact Specifications

We know that the military runs on a very rigid schedule. This goes especially for the VIP community in aviation flight operations, where the C-12 Huron usually operates. There is little margin for error, so these aircraft must maintain a high mission capability (MC) rate.

Of course, we don’t get to choose when or where are aircraft experience parts breakage or mechanical failure. While we cannot control these events, we can control a robust supply chain of spare parts so that you will be stranded for much less time, or your aircraft at home station will return to the air faster.

And you will know that we are using only the highest quality OEM parts, meaning your aircraft will be about as close to as good as new as you can get. 

Over Four Decades of Excellence in Aviation Parts Sourcing

There is no substitute for experience. Even as energetic and full of youthful exuberance as many start-ups are, you just cannot replicate history.

We understand this at Greenwood Aerospace. And we have lots of history. We have worked with the best suppliers in the industry for decades, establishing reliable trade agreements and partnerships with them. 

We know because we operate King Airs ourselves, and the parts we procure are top-tier parts. We only supply you with what we will use on our fleet, which matters a lot. 

What does this mean for you, the end user?

It means that you reap the rewards of our years of building relationships, operating a fleet of aircraft, and sourcing parts. 

Reliability Is Everything

We have figured out what works for sourcing parts. We've done it for our fleet and do it for your fleet as well. Partnering with reliable suppliers with a proven track record of providing high-quality parts pays dividends over time. Instead of finding a new supplier whenever you need something sourced and trying to iron out payment, processing, and shipment, we only work with reliable vendors. 

Expert Purchasing Coordinator

So, we've talked a lot about our extensive experience in procuring aircraft parts, but how exactly does that translate to you, the end user? You have a fleet of C-12 Hurons to maintain and keep airworthy, which is your bottom line. How do you get the parts and know you're getting the best part for the best price and on time?

The answer is in our expert purchasing coordinators. We leverage our extensive networking and relationships in the industry and pair it up with someone with lots of experience. Our purchasing coordinators are the consummate experts in the field; they know who to call to source your parts. They know the fastest route between A and B. 

We Leverage Our Glorious Purchasing History to Attain the Best Price for You

Because we have been in this business for so long, we are a familiar face to the key players in the aircraft parts industry. And because of that, we have done lots of deals with them. We don’t have to work with the outliers in the industry.

When you work with Greenwood Aerospace, you are also leveraging our long-standing purchasing history, and you will get that to get the best price for your C-12 Huron spare parts. 

When we purchase and procure parts for your C-12 Huron fleet or any other King Air assets, we treat it as if it were our fleet of King Air aircraft. We want the best prices and quality for our aircraft, and we demand the same quality and service as yours, with no exceptions. 

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We know you're ready to start this process, so we make it very easy. Go ahead and hit the link, or you can fill out the form below, and that will get an online quote queued. We will match you up with one of our expert purchasing coordinators to finalize the details of your purchase request.

From there, we'll handle the heavy lifting. We will procure the parts, we can warehouse the parts if need be, and we will also specialize in MIL-SPEC crating and shipping. So no matter wherever you are in the world, you can rest assured that your parts will get there exactly as intended for the price that you need to get them for. 

About Greenwood Aerospace

Greenwood Aerospace is a renowned leader in the supply and procurement of OEM and aftermarket parts, along with aircraft ground support, kitting and logistics services, foreign military sales program support, and with MIL-SPEC packaging. Greenwood Aerospace is the preferred partner of the largest Defense Contractors, Armed Forces, and Government Agencies in the United States.

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What Sets Us Apart

Greenwood Aerospace team members combine for over 100 years of experience in government procurement, serving the largest contractors and government agencies in the United States. Located in Ponca City, OK, we use our centralized location to streamline aerospace craft and parts acquisition and distribution.

We feature a fully-certified team on site to fulfill all of your immediate and long-term aerospace demands. As a Small Business SBA-Certified Hubzone and Native American-Owned Business, we offer the Indian Incentive Program (IIP) to all our federal contractors, providing more cost-effective solutions to our clients. Let Greenwood Aerospace be your trusted partner in all your aerospace needs.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Greenwood Aerospace is committed to consistently achieving customer satisfaction with product quality, on-time delivery and unparalleled customer service.

Greenwood Aerospace is AS9120B certified, allowing us to be your trusted supply chain partner. Working closely with our customers, we monitor and implement new industry requirements and ensure the integrity of the products and services delivered to our customers.   

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