Sourcing aerospace parts and aircraft inventory management requires dependable systems in order for operations to run smoothly. With so many moving elements, it can be hard to keep track of aircraft parts and manage inventory using in-house software and services. Expert third-party logistics teams are an effective option to maximize operational readiness for private defense contractors, government agencies, and other aviation programs. 

Greenwood Aerospace is an established leader in aviation part procurement and logistics, providing supply chain solutions to defense contractors, armed forces, and government agencies for over forty-one years. Greenwood Aerospace offers fast and innovative solutions. Managing procurement and logistics processes from start to finish, effective aviation inventory management doesn’t have to be complex. 

With the right partner, your aviation program will succeed by utilizing the services of a contractor with extensive industry knowledge of best practices for effective aircraft inventory management. Find out more about aircraft inventory management and logistics by contacting us or reaching out to us at

Let’s look deeper into understanding aircraft inventory management by covering the following subjects:

  • Why Aircraft Inventory Management is Important for Aviation Programs
  • How Effective Aircraft Inventory Management Works
  • How Greenwood Procures Aviation Parts and Supports Aircraft Inventory Management

 Read on to find out more about aircraft inventory management and services. 

Why Aircraft Inventory Management is Important for Aviation Programs

In 2021, the U.S. took the global lead in countries with the highest aerospace exports, contributing 89.1 billion U.S. dollars. This accounted for over 35% of global military spending, causing aircraft inventory management to play a pivotal role in how aviation programs operate. Considering the number of moving parts that enable these exports, there’s not a lot of room for error when it comes to aircraft inventory management. Internal systems must meet complex standards and regulations across all levels of aviation programs. The procurement, storage, distribution, and logistics of sourcing aviation parts is a complicated industry that leaves little room for oversight.

Unlike the number of commercial air carriers that have been steadily decreasing since 1995, government agencies predict a significant increase in defense outlays for the US by 2032. Aviation part procurement and logistics will be even more vital in assisting private defense contractors and government aviation programs to achieve successful operations. Greenwood Aerospace has mastered supply chain management, providing aerospace, military, and government aviation programs with highly reliable government procurement and logistics services. Let’s dive deeper into what makes aircraft inventory management vital for:

Aircraft Inventory Management Makes Essential Goods Accessible

All aviation programs require essential goods for the maintenance and operation of aircrafts. Having effective and compliant aircraft inventory management systems makes this easier for all parties involved. Some common mistakes that can result from poor aviation inventory management include:

  • Shortages of parts and necessary supplies
  • Disorganized storage
  • Disparities in equipment and inventory
  • Operational problems due to shortages

For all types of aviation programs, everything from aircraft parts to advanced military packaging requires effective inventory management to prevent disorganization. Third-party inventory management solutions are a useful option for those who are looking for assistance that extends beyond in-house management efforts. At Greenwood Aerospace, we have extensive knowledge when it comes to aviation inventory management best practices, offering our customers insights on compliance and logistics.

Learn more about how effective aircraft inventory management can help to manage military packaging and understand MIL-SPEC codes for military shipping boxes.

Supply Chains and Aircraft Inventory Management

Procuring and distributing parts takes meticulous effort when working with supply chains. Keeping track of existing inventory and navigating challenges within demand and supply relies on resilient aircraft inventory management. Depending on the type of aviation program, different supply chains meet different needs. The three main supply chains Greenwood Aerospace focuses on are:

  1. Government supply chain
  2. Military supply chain
  3. Defense supply chain

These three supply chains are closely linked. The government supply chain oversees all other supply chains; it is highly regulated across federal, state, and local government levels. While there are huge opportunities for the growth of aerospace companies within the government supply chain, there are strict regulations that must be complied with in order to maintain quality and safety standards. The competition within the government supply chain is fierce. Contractors are competing with established and emerging companies, all bidding to work with government agencies.

A Greenwood Aerospace employee operates a forklift to move crated aircraft parts.
Aircraft inventory management is imperative for any flight program.

The military supply chain is a subset of the government supply chain. Aerospace companies provide essential technology and equipment for military aviation programs and missions. The defense supply chain is a subset of the military supply chain, focusing on defense-specific products such as aircraft missiles and cybersecurity. Establishing partnerships within the military and defense supply chain is equally beneficial to aerospace companies. 

Accessing these supply chains takes a high level of industry knowledge and exceptional quality standards in supply and services. Our extensive supply network provides a large stock of aircraft parts and ground equipment, allowing us to quickly procure any parts that are essential to your operation. 

Understanding government supply chains is important when learning about aircraft inventory management. At all levels, there are complicated standards and regulations aerospace companies must comply with. Without these standards, the safety and quality of aviation programs would become precarious. Having a general understanding of these standards and regulations is imperative when sourcing an aerospace parts contractor to assist with your aviation inventory. Your program needs to be able to work with a trusted source when implementing aircraft inventory management. 

Here are a few key reasons why effective aircraft inventory management matters when dealing with supply chains:

  • Procurement lead time can vary – staying on top of inventory reduces room for error
  • Supply chains have complex standards and regulations for aircraft inventory management, be compliant to prevent further issues
  • Maintaining adequate inventory levels keeps costs low

Learn about how military supply chains impact each branch of our armed forces.

Aircraft Inventory Management and the Foreign Military Sales Program

The Foreign Military Sales Program is an effective way for allies of the United States to procure equipment that would otherwise be costly to produce on foreign soil. The US has built strong international relationships and Greenwood Aerospace assists by providing reliable procurement and logistics services to government agencies for over four decades. 

As the United States is the highest-ranking country for military spending, it’s essential that providing equipment is done effectively and efficiently. Investing time and effort into aircraft inventory management streamlines internal processes. Creating effective aircraft inventory management systems serves a wider purpose of assisting government branch operations within the FMS program. When internal processes are efficient, it breeds trust and reliability; strengthening relationships with supply chains and developing powerful bonds in a highly competitive market. 

How Effective Aircraft Inventory Management Works

Quality aircraft inventory management streamlines internal processes. When successful, aviation parts are accounted for and stored in compliance with necessary regulations and standards. Learn more about simplifying aircraft parts inventory management

Across all levels of aviation programs, aircraft inventory management is essential. It doesn’t matter if it's an AMXS or a private defense contractor, tracking inventory and ensuring it comes from legitimate sources is crucial for successful operations. Entrusting the help of Greenwood Aerospace to assist in aviation inventory management, in addition to other services, can relieve you of the pressure of trying to understand complex processes on your own.

Greenwood Aerospace offers highly effective solutions for the logistics, storage, and distribution of aircraft parts. For decades, we’ve provided general, government, and military aviation solution services both nationally and internationally. Learn more about Greenwood Aerospace and government procurement

Logistics Services

Streamlining your project management doesn’t have to be complicated. As an industry leader, Greenwood Aerospace offers aviation logistics services to help your operations run smoothly; ensuring  products move to the right place at the right time, and stay within budget. Our team of experts partners with you to manage projects from start to finish, supporting your program by sourcing aviation parts, aircraft leasing opportunities, and more.

Logistics plays a critical role in aerospace operations. Greenwood Aerospace offers services in:

  1. Aviation logistic services
  2. Ground support equipment
  3. Aerospace supply chain & logistics

Our expert team provides comprehensive services that simplify complex processes for aviation part procurement and project management. We assess market trends and build a framework to help you grow and maintain effective operations through logistics

Acting as an extension of your team, we coordinate with you to streamline operations; procuring parts and equipment, while using our knowledge of the industry and purchasing history to leverage cost-effective purchases. From long-term contracts to single-purchase part kits, we simplify complex procurement and aviation inventory management processes to keep your flight program operating smoothly.

Our expert logistics team adapts to supply shortages and surpluses, continually analyzing supply chains. We offer your aviation program extensive industry knowledge to attain budget-friendly parts and fully assembled kits ready for immediate use. From ground support to government supply chains, we provide adaptive logistics services that support effective aircraft inventory management and efficient operations. In addition to our aviation logistic services and ground support services, we offer access to our extensive aerospace supply chain and logistics. These services focus on:

  • Adapting to your changing demands
  • Filling gaps in your supply chain to avoid delays or shortages
  • Addressing supply chain challenges head-on
  • Mitigating supply chain stresses

Learn more about streamlining aviation logistics for your flight program.

Storage and Distribution Services

When it comes to storage and distribution services, Greenwood Aerospace features our 42,000 sq ft warehouse stocked with proprietary and aftermarket parts to meet your contract demands. We ensure your program continues to run smoothly through our fast, efficient delivery. Our extensive parts inventory and aerospace parts storage and distribution services provide rapid procurement of offsite parts. Through our valued partnerships and large supply network, we can procure aircraft parts and equipment that you need quickly; helping you strengthen internal aircraft inventory management and achieve successful operations. 

Our storage and distribution services include:

Learn more about choosing an aerospace parts distributor. Request a quote today, or reach out to us at to inquire about large orders.

Greenwood Aerospace's 42,000 sq ft warehouse lit at night.
Greenwood Aerospace’s 42,000 sq ft warehouse in Ponca City, Oklahoma

To get the most out of aviation inventory management, partnering with Greenwood Aerospace offers valuable industry insights and systems. Experience practical knowledge and valued partnerships that improve your operation. Greenwood Aerospace is AS9120B certified, and we meet our customer’s requirements and the necessary aviation industry standards for all types of aviation programs. 

How Greenwood Aerospace Procures Aviation Parts and Supports Aircraft Inventory Management

Keeping up with suppliers and understanding complicated processes can be overwhelming. Internal operations can be daunted by the complex standards and regulations for aircraft parts inventory management. Throw in complicated software, and aircraft inventory management becomes a logistical headache. 

Greenwood Aerospace offers procurement services designed to suit a wide range of customers – from private defense contractors to U.S. government agencies. We use our expertise to work with you, ensuring we locate parts that suit your budget while leveraging our industry knowledge with trusted suppliers to provide cost-effective solutions. Located in Ponca City, Oklahoma, our centralized location efficiently provides our procurement and logistics services nationwide

Greenwood Aerospace procurement services include:

  1. GPIQ Part Procurement Intelligence
  2. Fixed-Wing Aircraft Acquisition & Support
  3. Government Procurement
  4. Aircraft Parts & Accessories
  5. Military Aircraft Parts
  6. Aircraft Sustainment

Part Procurement and Fixed-Wing Aircraft Acquisition

Our proprietary program, GPIQ, focuses on market intelligence to support special mission aircrafts. We ensure suppliers go through rigorous onboarding and qualification tests to ensure the supply chain is as effective, quick, and error-free as possible. Our part procurement intelligence is a strategic partner in acquiring essential aviation parts and equipment fast. 

Using our talented team of acquisition and support coordinators, Greenwood Aerospace offers fixed-wing aircraft acquisition services and support. From comprehensive bid proposal meetings to the analysis of targeted aircrafts to meet our client's specifications, we ensure proper assembly and special mission integration of all:

  • Acquired aircrafts
  • Supported aircrafts
  • Leased aircrafts

Learn about fixed-wing aviation and army fixed-wing ISR platforms.

Government Procurement and Military Aircraft Parts

When it comes to government procurement and military aircraft parts, Greenwood Aerospace is a trusted partner in maintaining national security. Our extensive knowledge of the aviation industry, regulations, and standards allows us to deliver highly effective procurement and logistics services to all levels of aviation programs. Assisting with aircraft inventory management across government, military, and private defense aviation programs. We’ve supported many branches of government and the military, including:

Greenwood Aerospace proudly operates as a national stock supplier of aircraft parts and accessories. As an ITAR-registered military aircraft supplier, we utilize our expert purchasing coordinators and government supply network to procure parts that are essential to ensuring your aviation programs operate smoothly. 

Operating through centralized program management, we offer full-service logistics to mitigate supply chain concerns and fluctuations. Our expert logistics team is constantly analyzing defense supply chain trends and movements to ensure effective procurement that works with necessary distribution timelines.

Greenwood Aerospace recognizes the role defense contracting takes in national security efforts, which is why we offer custom crating options to meet MIL-SPEC regulations. Ensuring proper packaging, containment, labeling, and handling of all military aircraft parts is key in national defense. As long-standing supporters of every branch of the U.S. military, our own expansive supply chain is quick to procure necessary parts.

Greenwood Aerospace also offers aircraft sustainment services that cover:

Partner with Greenwood Aerospace for Effective Aircraft Inventory Management

Greenwood Aerospace manages your aviation procurement and logistics from start to finish. We provide in-depth industry knowledge to provide you with necessary and essential parts for your flight program. For over forty-one years we’ve worked closely with aviation programs to achieve effective aircraft inventory management & services. 

Don’t leave complex aircraft inventory management for unreliable internal systems; streamline your processes with a trusted industry leader. We coordinate with your team to source, negotiate and procure essential parts to assist you in executing effective operations.

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