Aircraft inventory demands reliable management regardless of if you’re procuring, storing, or distributing parts. There are many extra steps that go into aircraft parts inventory management that not all aircraft professionals and organizations are able to provide themselves without error or obstacle. This is why many aviation programs, government branches, and private defense contractors are turning to third-party aircraft inventory management rather than relying on in-house teams. 

As a leader in aircraft parts procurement, storage, and distribution, Greenwood Aerospace understands how vital aircraft parts inventory management is. The Greenwood Aerospace team has over four decades of experience handling customers’ needs with meticulous care. Let’s look further into simplifying aircraft inventory part procurement, storing, and distributing by exploring these topics: 

  • Overview of aircraft part procurement history & its evolution
  • Why aircraft parts inventory management can affect your aviation programs when done wrong
  • Procuring your parts & accessories through Greenwood Aerospace 
  • What Greenwood Aerospace offers for aircraft storage & distribution

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Overview of Aircraft Parts Inventory Procurement History & Evolution

Aircraft parts inventory management hasn’t always been as streamlined and efficient as it is today. As a result, many of those who had a demand for aviation parts and accessories faced various problems when trying to procure their supply. The aircraft industry as a whole has gone through many ups and downs throughout its history, more than many other industries have faced when it comes to supply procurement. 

But these problems weren’t unique to only commercial airlines. They were also a problem for private aviation contractors and government branches which were interested in procuring parts. So let’s look further into aircraft part procurement’s history and where it is today. 

The Aircraft Industry & Procurement History

In 1903, we see the beginning of the aircraft industry with the invention of the first aircraft by Wilbur and Orville Wright. From this moment on, the aircraft industry took off, and the demand for aircraft parts has only increased since. The Wright brothers themselves saw how profitable the future of aircraft could be. 

The Wright brothers submitted a $100,000 proposal to sell their flying machine to the United States War Department on May 31, 1907. While this request was rejected, the Wright brothers would go on to sell their proposals in 1915 to New York investors for over double the price of the original proposal. 

Selling this proposal is just one of the early signs this industry would flourish and grow to be worth billions of dollars today. Investors and government branches also quickly caught on to the potential of the aerospace industry

With the early growth and development of the aircraft industry, the military began its own form of aerospace arms branches. These military branches would soon see how effective aircraft could be when WWI emerged. From then on, these branches became dedicated to procuring aircraft parts and growing the knowledge and technology behind them. 

The aviation industry was still quite dangerous after WWI, and some standards needed to be put in place. Therefore, the Air Commerce Act was passed in 1926. Even though the ACA was passed, the aviation industry was still in dire need of better structure, standards, and regulations. 

In an effort to focus heavily on airline safety, the Civil Aeronautics Act of 1938 was passed. This would establish the Civil Aeronautics Authority (CAA). The CAA would govern regulations, safety inspections, and accident prevention while also managing ticket pricing and accident investigations. 

To this day, the CAA’s regulations are applicable to civil aviation and U.S. or foreign parties doing aviation business with the Department of Defense (DoD). We can see how far the industry has come as now its worth is over $131.5 billion. But, throughout the aviation industry’s history, there have been constant problems with things like:

  1. Supply and demand-related issues
  2. Soaring costs
  3. Credible sourcing 
  4. Meeting part regulations and passing inspections
  5. Proper storage 
  6. Organized distribution

These problems became more prominent as the industry grew and commercialized air travel became more preferred and accessible. Fortunately, as the industry matured, many of these issues were solved. The enactment of the Air Commerce Act made a significant difference for the industry as it provided guidelines for inspections, safety, and jobs. As time progressed, distribution centers were created to manage inventory, new regulations were put in place for further clarification, and firms ready to source credible parts sprouted up around the U.S. 

Because these third parties focused on the inventory management side of things, this freed up commercial airlines, aviation programs, and other aviation professionals from a lot of challenges. This took away the battle of finding the best aircraft parts and accessories that would meet their unique needs. Instead, they could contract with aircraft support companies. 

Problems Resurfacing for the Aircraft Industry Due to the Pandemic

The aviation industry has come a long way from the flying machines the Wright brothers created back in the early 1900s. Even with the development and expansion of new technology and aircraft within the industry, issues arose during the global pandemic. These issues affected the industry as a whole, but challenges still plague the industry’s part procurement post-COVID, such as:

  1. Slowed supply chains 
  2. Geopolitical instability 
  3. Increased costs/financial pressures
  4. Business and commercial travel decreasing and never completely recovering 
  5. Labor shortages
  6. Looming global recession 
  7. Fuel shortages

We can see the similarities in these issues as the ones that the industry faced in its earlier history when aviation was first booming as a commercialized option and regulations were put in. Even though the pandemic has concluded, many of these problems still persist today. As the supply of parts and aircraft begins steadily increasing again, finding a credible source for your aviation needs is more important than ever. 

This is where we come in. Throughout 40 years, Greenwood Aerospace has built an impressive and expansive stock of aircraft parts and accessories to meet your needs. Our contracts and connections with aircraft supplies help ensure that we’re able to fill orders to meet even unique customer needs. 

Email us at to find out more about our inventory and how we can help you today. 

Modernization of U.S. Military Aviation Equipment Through Aircraft Parts Inventory Procurement 

As developments in aircraft and technologies continue to be made, we can see the modernization of current equipment through what the U.S. military procures. Their procurement program and requests showcase many new aviation technologies and equipment. They requested $639.1 billion in funding for their Major Defense Acquisition Programs of 2018. 

Looking into this can give great insight into the efforts made with recent aircraft. In the table below, we’ll look at a few of the aviation items from the U.S. military’s 2018 proposal and procurement list. 

As technology continues to progress, great strides have been made in the aviation equipment that we use today. For example, advanced military packaging will now include new technology features that work with 5G internet, A.I., and solar power conversions. 

Government Procurement 

Now that we’ve looked at what the government has been procuring, it’s important to note how they’re procuring it. The U.S. government will often source its parts and aircraft from local firms within the domestic market. Government procurement plays a significant role in the US economy, accounting for a sizable percentage of the GDP. State and local governments spent $3.2 trillion on goods and services in 2018, representing about 15.7% of the GDP, while federal government spending accounted for approximately 8% of the US GDP in 2019.

Government procurement requires firms to meet specific regulations. These regulations aim to establish a standardized yet adaptable purchasing process that ensures government contracts are executed transparently, equitably, and without bias. These government regulations include: 

Greenwood Aerospace meets the necessary regulations when servicing your government procurement contract.

With over 41 years’ experience in government procurement, we’ve become one of the leading aircraft parts inventory providers. We are able to leverage inventory, supply chains, and our expansive supply chain network to ensure that no matter the order, it is processed and filled with meticulous care. 

How Poor Aircraft Parts Inventory Management Can Affect Your Aviation Projects 

Four white jets with red and blue-tippedwings fly in formation
Keep your program in formation with the right aircraft parts inventory management. Image source

Procuring parts must be completed from reputable sources; otherwise, you can face severe consequences. Sourcing parts goes hand-in-hand with how your inventory is managed. Aircraft parts inventory management should be prioritized by every flight program, regardless of program, size, goals, or contract. Inventory management is necessary for fluid functionality of any flight program.  Keep your program in formation with the right aircraft parts inventory management.

The DoD faced problems when its inventory management wasn’t meeting its needs. These  problems included:

  1. Unnecessary reorders of already-stocked inventory
  2. Unaccounted-for equipment within inventory
  3. Unorganized storage and distribution
  4. Excessive expenses on already-owned equipment
  5. Disorganized order management and cancelation
  6. Shortages of aircraft parts
  7. Mission problems and degradation resulting from supply shortages

Insufficient inventory management support led to several preventable issues for the DoD. If you have aircraft parts inventory and don’t have a management system or firm in place, you could face similar issues. Using a competent source that specializes in inventory management is a must for any aircraft parts client. 

Why Aircraft Parts Inventory From Authorized Sources Matters

When procuring your aircraft parts and accessories, legitimate sources and parts suppliers matter greatly. Here are some problems you or your program could face with poor aircraft parts inventory management:

  • Parts and equipment not meeting regulation standards
  • Orders not being delivered on-time
  • Order-related mishaps (wrong parts, out-of-spec equipment)
  • Lowered value due to unverifiable sources 

Partnering with Greenwood Aerospace is a surefire way to source verified inventory. We provide reliable inventory management for all of our customers. Avoid unnecessary mishaps by working with us for all of your aircraft parts inventory needs. 

Procuring Your Aircraft Parts Inventory & Accessories Through Greenwood Aerospace 

By utilizing Greenwood Aerospace’s services for your aircraft parts inventory needs, you can mitigate delays and alleviate concerns that many flight programs face today. We have over 41 years of experience partnering with all branches of the U.S. military and some of the largest defense contractors in the country. Due to this level of experience and history with our vendors, we are able to provide quality contracts for competitive prices

Our part procurement services include:

We provide extensive care and support to meet your specific needs on time with efficiency. Due to our large network of suppliers, we’re able to bring you the best prices while still having the highest quality aircraft parts and accessories

Aircraft Parts and Accessories 

We work hard to streamline all processes related to the procurement and distribution of your orders. Over the last 41 years, we’ve built an impressive aircraft parts and accessories inventory. 

Due to our experience working with U.S. government branches, aviation programs, and private defense contractors, we’re able to leverage our expertise to bring you the best price available for your aircraft parts. We can also source these quickly for your contract needs thanks to our extensive supply chain network. 

Additional services we offer for aircraft parts and accessories include:

Military Aircraft Parts 

Quickly find a solution to all of your military aircraft part needs through our services. We work as an extension of our military clients to provide the best reliable military aircraft parts. We work with agencies such as the Defense Logistics Agency and the Government Supply Network to meet your specific contract needs. 

What Greenwood Aerospace Offers for Aircraft Parts Inventory

Greenwood Aerospace alleviates concerns surrounding storage and distribution through our streamlined operations and centralized management. We offer all of our contractors the same efficient, cost-effective services to manage your aircraft parts inventory, specifically:

By relying on us for all your inventory management needs, you won’t face the problems that many flight programs do when relying on inexperienced staff. For example, when clients try to manage their storage and distributing needs on their own, they are often faced with problems like:

  • Supply chain delays
  • Shipping complications 
  • Part shortages
  • Unexpected price changes

Working with us at Greenwood Aerospace to fulfill your aircraft part storage and distributing needs takes away any worries of such problems. Our aircraft supply parts experts can handle any obstacle and provide unmatched service for our clients. Our location in Ponca City, OK, offers a centralized location for clients across the U.S. 

You can read more about our aircraft parts storage and distribution services here. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us through our website or at

Supply Chain Solutions 

Supply chain shortages and costly delays have been all over the news lately. The supply chain problems have reached every industry, and aircraft parts inventory is no different. That’s why Greenwood Aerospace works hard to provide you with the best possible supply chain solutions to keep your program flying smoothly. Our supply chain solutions include:

Efficient Aircraft Parts Inventory Management

Our inventory management teams work tirelessly to ensure that orders are accurately filled and distributed in a timely manner. We take on the responsibility of maintaining your program or mission's inventory, keeping it up-to-date and alleviating any associated concerns. As a value-added service for our long-term clients, we also provide expert purchasing coordination services, simplifying the procurement process. With our dedicated team in charge, you can be confident that your flight program's aircraft part requirements will be met promptly and efficiently.

Kitting & Logistics Services

Our kitting services can be customized to fit any specifications in your contract. Our teams work tirelessly to familiarize themselves with all types of aviation logistics. We offer several types of logistic services, including:

  • Domestic Logistics
  • International Logistics
  • Digital Logistics

We avoid surplus and shortage issues while still ensuring fair-pricing and efficient delivery times. Our kitting service teams work to simplify complicated processes that would generally take precious time away from your own team. Let Greenwood Aerospace handle your unique logistics and kitting needs. 

Upgraded, Exclusive Technology for Your Aircraft Parts Inventory Needs

We’re constantly finding new ways to improve processes and make them even more efficient for our clients. This includes developing new aviation parts inventory software to use in conjunction with our expert coordinating teams. Our GPIQ software is designed for prime contractors who support special mission aircraft and focuses on market intelligence and value enhancement related to these aircraft.

Join Greenwood Aerospace For Your Aircraft Parts Procurement, Storage, & Distribution Needs 

Throughout the history of aircraft parts management, aerospace programs  have constantly faced issues related to part procurement, distribution, and storage. Even our own U.S. government branches have found themselves in hot water over poor part management. This proves  that having a competent supplier and distributor can make or break the efficiency of your aviation program or mission.. It’s easy to make costly mistakes when leaving your aircraft part management to inexperienced sources.

Alleviate worries by letting Greenwood Aerospace handle all of your part procurement, storage, and distribution needs. Our experts are ready to handle any contract specifications and demands, no matter how complex. Our vast inventory and part management programs ensure that your parts will arrive on time with the utmost care. Contact Greenwood Aerospace today to find out more about how we can fulfill your aviation needs, or reach out by email at