Greenwood Parts Procurement Intelligence Program | Aviation Management Software

Greenwood Aerospace is no newcomer to the world of aircraft parts procurement or to aircraft parts inventory management. In fact, it is one of the many services we have to offer! But how do we actually know what parts are out there in circulation somewhere, ready to be procured? This is where things get a lot tougher. 

See, this isn’t like getting a replacement muffler for a Toyota Sienna; the parts procurement process is much different and much more convoluted when it comes to actually finding parts. How much is really out there of any given part or component? And where is it located? Is it for sale, or is the listing notional?

We developed our Greenwood Parts Intelligence Program, or GPIQ, to do this exact thing. You need to know what’s really on the market, where it is, and, of course, how you can procure it when ready. Let’s take a look at how. 

What Is Aircraft Parts Inventory Management Software?

It’s practically impossible to nail down an exact count, but millions of aircraft parts are inventoried worldwide at any given time. In fact, there are probably tens or hundreds of millions. 

In fact, when we asked, it was at a loss. So, we’ll go with many millions of individual parts. Here’s the thing: these parts are spread out worldwide, including within the confines of an individual air carrier like Delta or United. Imagine how hard it is to track down a part you need when it isn’t already in the company system.

An aircraft parts inventory management software is the software that tracks all of this highly important information. This is particularly important for air carriers who operate their own internal MROs; maintaining inventory is huge because anytime you need to reach outside of your own organization, it comes at a cost. The cost is time or physical expense. 

Aviation parts inventory management software is the solution to ease these expenses. Ideally, maintenance planners will know exactly what is in stock at all times, and that information is kept updated at all times. 

While these are lifesavers for MROs to keep tabs on all supplies available, it isn’t very useful when you need to know what’s available outside of your immediate supply. That’s why we built GPIQ from the ground up: to find the real inventory out in the wild when you need to know what’s available.   

Why Did Greenwood Aerospace Decide to Invest in Proprietary Software?

Greenwood Aerospace has built a longstanding reputation in the market as one of the most capable logistics, aircraft parts supply, and procurement agencies in America. But we were missing something: we couldn’t ever really pinpoint exactly what was available and where it was once we knew it was out there. 

This wasn’t anything revolutionary: everyone in our field has the same experience. It takes a lot of digging and cold calling to find out what is really available. Of course, this is an oversimplification of what we were really needing. 

GPIQ is focused not just on what is available at any given time but is a market intelligence and value enhancement.  

What Does GPIQ Do?

GPIQ ensures that suppliers have undertaken stringent onboarding and qualification tests, providing important information about their prior performance. While it may seem like MRO software, our GPIQ is not aviation maintenance software. No, it is much more than that. 

Aircraft maintenance management is very important, but there are already lots of good, viable solutions on the market for that. We set out to produce, with our own capital, a system that provides real-time visibility and data accuracy. 

We want to know that every supplier who comes through our doors is already vetted, that we know exactly what their prior performance is, how they handle operations, and more or less where they stand in the industry.   

Our GPIQ system streamlines and enhances labor-intensive tasks to create an efficient, fast, and nearly error-free supply chain process. In order to control supplier risk, predictive analytics is utilized to forecast future demand. 

A more efficient supply chain with lower costs for all parties is the outcome of more accurate projections. GPIQ's strength lies in its ability to function as a strategic partner, guaranteeing that your procurement costs are handled over the long term and that you always acquire what you need at the best possible price.

Who Is GPIQ For?

We saw a demand in the market for a procurement intelligence tool specifically for governmental organizations and government contractors. Because so many of the missions and aircraft are unique and specific to the government or military mission assigned, it is tough to source parts and parts providers for them. So, instead of scouring the market for a tool, we made it! 

GPIQ uses predictive analytics to forecast future demand and manage supplier risk, which are critical factors for aircraft used in national defense.  

Is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Powered Enterprise Aviation Software on the Horizon?

Machine learning and AI are going to play increasingly important parts in the aircraft supply chain process and flight service industry as a whole. The industry is facing a major crisis in the availability of aircraft technicians. This problem's trickle-down effects will ripple throughout the industry, and one of the best ways to shore up personnel and staffing shortfalls is by implementing machine learning. 

We implemented this practice with our GPIQ, and the results have been nothing short of outstanding. The aviation industry is facing too much backlash and scrutiny to leave your partnerships to chance, especially when it comes to aviation maintenance or anything closely related to aviation maintenance. 

Parting Thoughts

When Greenwood Aerospace set out to develop GPIQ, we had a vision for what it would be: the industry's most trusted source to vet potential partnerships fully. You deserve to know exactly who you are working with, their history, and what they can provide. GPIQ does exactly that: if they have a history of poor prior performance, you’ll find out about it. Our forecasting tools will determine if they cannot deliver on your demands. 

If you are ready to learn more about our proprietary GPIQ system's features, call or set up an online quote today