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The UC-35 Specification Guide

While the C-12 is the backbone of the U.S. Army fixed-wing aircraft fleet, the US-35 certainly does more than its fair share of the heavy lifting. The UC-35 is simply a commercial off-the-shelf Cessna Citation V. The Army has used the Citation V for many years and has 27 in its inventory. The UC-35 is used exclusively for executive transport, mainly for the 4-star level execs and their civilian counterparts in the military. The UC-35 offers execs a faster aircraft with a longer range than the C-12, allowing them to move more efficiently across the country, which is especially important on coast-to-coast missions. Let’s take a look at the UC-35 aircraft specs, background, and where it is headed as an executive transport platform of the future.

Background & History

The UC-35 was not made specifically for military use. Of course, this isn’t anything new or revolutionary; most executive transport aircraft in the DoD fleet weren’t intended for military use. Take the C-12 or the C-37. Neither one has a mission outside of transporting high brass, yet they have proven exceptionally good at it. The Cessna Citation V has been in production for nearly 35 years, with the first Model 560 prototype flying in 1987. It was basically an update and upgrade of the Citation II. It was fitted with more powerful engines, the Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D-5A. 

The Citation V/UC-35 did lose a little bit of overall range (not even 100nm) since fuel capacity didn’t increase with the increased thrust. But the tradeoff was better payload and performance. The range was not too much of an issue with the UC-35 anyway because it could still go nearly coast-to-coast without refueling, possessing nearly twice the range of the C-12. The first flight was in 1987, and production of Citation Vs started rolling off the assembly line in Wichita in 1989, with the last V delivered in 1994. Cessna produced almost three hundred units, of which nearly ten percent went to the military. 

UC-35 Aircraft Specs

The UC-35A has proven itself well over the years as a reliable and hearty addition to the executive transportation fleet. It is a good middle-ground between the reliable but slower and much shorter-ranged C-12 and the large business jet C-37/Gulfstream GV. The UC-35 has a wingspan of 53 feet and a length of 48 feet. It stands at a height of 14 feet and has a MGTOW of 16,000 pounds. The UC-35 has a maximum speed of 507 miles per hour (440 knots) and can reach a maximum altitude of 45,000 feet. It has a range of approximately 2,000 nautical miles and can fly for up to five hours without refueling, giving it ample legs for most CONUS missions. However, the UC-35 is not limited to CONUS missions. They are equipped for OCONUS missions and routinely moved DVs through the AOR in Iraq and Afghanistan during those wars.  

The aircraft can accommodate up to eight passengers in a typical seating configuration. Even though it is intended solely for executive transportation, the UC-35 can also be configured for cargo transportation, with a maximum cargo capacity of 3,500 pounds. In addition, the UC-35 can be equipped with a medical evacuation kit, allowing it to transport up to four litter patients or eight ambulatory patients.

The UC-35 has a modern avionics suite, including a digital autopilot, GPS navigation, and weather radar. It also has a terrain avoidance warning system and a collision avoidance system, ensuring safe and efficient operation in all weather conditions.

Variants of UC-35

There aren’t many different versions of the UC-35. Unlike the C-12, which has become the Swiss army knife of fixed-wing Army aircraft, the UC-35 has stayed true to its’ original intention of transporting executive officers. The Army has not adopted the Citation for any other missions, opting for Bombardier aircraft for its new ISR missions

  • UC-35A: basic UC-35, it is used by the Army and Air Force. It is a commercial off-the-shelf Citation V Ultra. 
  • UC-35B: this is the U.S. Army version of the Citation Encore. 
  • UC-35C: Identical to the UC-35A but used by the Marine Corps.
  • UC-35D: identical to the UC-35B, also used by the Marines.  

The Citation V Ultra and the Encore are identical externally but are different under their skin. 

The Encore was produced after the Ultra and featured higher fuel capacity and upgraded engines using the Pratt & Whitney PW535. Encores were certified in April of 2000, and production commenced in September of the same year. 

Cessna Aircraft Company

The Cessna Aircraft Company has a long history of producing high-quality aircraft for general aviation. Over the years, Cessna has become one of the most recognizable names in the aviation industry thanks to its commitment to innovation, safety, and reliability.

Cessna has been the mainstay of primary flight training aircraft for at least seven decades, with no other aircraft training more pilots globally than the C172 Skyhawk. It is also the best-selling civil aircraft in history, with over 45,000 units produced. 

Cessna's product line includes a range of aircraft, from small single-engine planes to large business jets. Some of the company's most popular models include the Cessna 172, one of the world's most widely used training aircraft, and the Citation series of business jets, known for their speed, range, and comfort. Who knows how many countless thousands of pilots started their flying journey in a Skyhawk?

In addition to its aircraft manufacturing operations, Cessna provides its customers with a range of support services, including maintenance and repair, training, and financing. Through its global network of authorized service centers, Cessna ensures that its aircraft are maintained to the highest standards, helping to ensure their safety and reliability. Overall, the Cessna Aircraft Company has a well-deserved reputation for producing high-quality, reliable aircraft that meet the needs of pilots and operators worldwide. With its commitment to innovation and safety, Cessna will remain an aviation industry leader for many years.

Design & Features

These are the design features of the UC-35 Citation V/Encore:

Basic design and layout: The UC-35 is a straight-wing monoplane with a low-wing configuration. All passengers sit in two rows, with seating for eight (four on each side). UC-35s are two-pilot aircraft. 

Physical dimensions and weight: 

  • Length: 48’11”
  • Wingspan: 52’2”
  • Empty weight: 9,925 lb
  • Max takeoff weight: 16,300 lb
  • Fuel capacity: 5,771 lb 
  • Max. Payload: 2,275 lb

Engine specifications and performance: 

  • The Citation Ultra V uses a pair of JT15D-5A engines rated at 2,900 lbs of thrust each. 
  • Citation Encores use two PW535A engines, each rated at 3,400 lbs of thrust. 

Cockpit and avionics: 

  • Citation Ultra V uses the Honeywell Primus 1000 glass cockpit suite for both pilots. 
  • The Citation Encore uses the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 glass cockpit avionics. 

Payload capacity and storage:

  • The UC-35A & C have a maximum payload of 2,275 lb, and the Bravo & Delta models added 330 lbs to the MGTOW.   

Notable Operations & Users of The  UC-35

The Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force use the UC-35. The Army is the most prolific user of the UC-35, with 27 total units. 

Other notable military users are 

  • Colombia
  • Pakistan
  • Peru 
  • And Spain

Parting Thoughts

While it hasn’t been in the inventory nearly as long as the C-12, the UC-35 has proven to be reliable, fast, and low maintenance. But even with it’s excellent track record, it is getting older.  Most of the models in the inventory are pushing three decades or older. When it comes to procuring parts for these aging aircraft, Greenwood Aerospace is your first choice to procure, package, warehouse, and ship parts for your Citation Ultra, Encore, or UC-35 fleet. Give us a call or start a quote today!